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What knowledge and/or skills audience will learn? What actual cases, i.e., companies or games will be analyzed? Where it will be usable?

Provide in 3-4 sentences contents of your single most powerful slide (e.g. important takeaway). DO NOT write '10 ways for X', put that in takeaways. Here describe in some detail the one of them that is nontrivial.Do not write what will be there, rather present the actual content.
If you presented or intend to present this talk before GIC, please state where. If there are any recordings of that, please provide links to them. We are encouraging you to update, extended or revise such talk for GIC. Please state here the changes.
If you have some materials ready for the talk (draft, presentation plan, slides, etc...) or would like to extend the descrription with such material, upload it here (or paste a link to these). This will help the boards to asses your talk.

Talks in English are strongly preferred. The only reasons to submit a talk in Polish should be: basic talk for student audience, talk focused on local topics, talk would lose important quality when done in English.

Please choose modal length options if possible, as these allow us to shape the program of the conference better.

beginner: requiring no knowledge on entry and allowing all kind of audience to follow;
intermediate: for an audience with some experience and having at least parts that might be difficult to follow for beginners;
advanced: for an audience with good knowledge in the track of the talk and offering them nontrivial takeaways in the presented topic.
Let us know if there's any additional information we should consider, eg. due to travel limitations, you can only present on a given day. As the speaker's panel allows you to log in you might as well edit this information later on.